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Welcome to the website of the Association pour la Diffusion du Neurofeedback en France

 Where to do Neurofeedback / EEG Biofeedback training in France?

Neurofeedback practitioners can be found in our Neurofeedback directory or on our link page.

If your French is not good enough to browse through this entire website then you can email adnfadnf.org in English to request more details.


 Renting the equipment / Buying new or second hand

We rent out professional neurofeedback equipment or sell new or second hand equipment from Zengar Institute for those who would rather do home training or would like to set up their own practice in France.

Please inquire at adnfadnf.org or +33 (0)9 52 12 35 68 for details.

Please note that you can get a rough translation of this entire website in English by clicking here.


Sue Brown explains neurofeedback and NeurOptimal
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Testimonials of NeurOptimal trainees

 Pam, 38

I started doing neurofeedback training to help my brain recover from a very nasty concussion. I started to see small changes in my mental abilities very quickly, after the first four or five sessions. The first positive change was that, suddenly, I was able to easily understand computer functions again and start doing things like backing up my data and using PayPal. I then simply felt like I "had my brain back" again and my functioning really improved immensely. I could find files, follow thought processes and plan my day with some confidence again. After about 15 training sessions I suddenly wanted to do my marketing and had the mental and emotional energy to do so. Before the training I had hardly realized how serious my depression was and could not even bear to think of the inevitable result of ignoring my business needs. Now, at the three month point after training, I have simply stopped taking anti-depressants (something I had tried twice unsuccessful before training) and can still sit down each day and do something to move my business forward.

 John, 35

While I believe that I have certainly seen improvements in "peak performance", while doing focused, task oriented, activities, I feel that I have gained much more in what I can only describe as my overall state of mind and what that brings. I am simply happy almost all of the time now. When I feel "unhappy", I am very much aware of it, it feels "wrong", and I know I can do something about it... I believe my interpersonal skills are much improved, not because of any training or technique, but because of how I feel. I see it in my personal relationships, work, literally everywhere. In a few short weeks I have seen a huge change in myself...

 Til, 57

My fatigue was getting lesser and lesser and is now totally gone (20 sessions).
Now I am once again able to go into heavy discussions and think clear.
My pain is almost gone and reduced to a minimum, if I don't overstrain myself of course!
I walk normal again and the only difficulty I have is to learn how not to cross my physical and psychological borders. I will have to keep on learning this.
Neurofeedback training for me was effective and pleasant to experience. I would absolutely recommend it to people that are in pain, overstressed or sleeping poor. Neurofeedback training with NeurOptimal did his job well. I am my old self again!

 Paula, 27

Within one month I stopped smoking cigarette and cannabis, it just wasn't so pleasant anymore. As a result of the neurofeedback I was already relaxed (that's what I needed the smoking for). And if I smoked, the relaxed feeling got even less, so it was logical to stop smoking now.
Not long after that, I totally quit drinking alcohol and all this without any effort.
At this moment, after 5 months, I still don't drink or smoke cigarette or cannabis anymore and I don't miss it and that is the difference with how I felt in the past when I tried to stop.

 Wilma, 47

After the first session of neurofeedback I already noticed that my voice was much clearer, and my articulation improved. After each training there was something better and improved. Being able to focus my sight again, being able to do two things at the same time again.
After about 6 sessions I regained control over my right foot. I can move my toes again, I walk better, am much more stable, don't stumble over things anymore, don't loose control over my right knee anymore. It is such a wonderful relief for me, I can go and let the dog out for a walk again, go into town for shopping, do things I couldn't do for a long time, I am even learning to play golf now!
At the moment I have had 19 training sessions and my condition has improved a lot. Coordination is better, I am clear in my head again, I am in contact with myself again, I can find the right words again, being able to keep my balance again, I can tolerate sounds and busy surroundings again and I am much more able to move the fingers of my right hand. Of course there will always be symptoms present, for Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative process. But the fact that I have regained so many functions now is a wonderful thing.

 Catherine, 52

Just as my anxiety starts to rise, it now feels as if a faucet has been shut off in my brain. I simply stop feeling the pull into the vortex of obsessive worry. My attention shifts naturally and comfortably so that I feel calmer and more centered. I am also sleeping more soundly. Neurofeedback has had a tremendous impact on my life.

 Suzanne, 71

Since my last (3rd) session of neurofeedback, I see a terrific improvement in myself.

1) An extraordinary feeling of energy and resistance to fatigue throughout the day!
2) No bloating and a tremendous regularization of digestion.
3) MUCH less pain in the right arm and hand.
4) A clear mind.

Neurofeedback role in all this is obvious to me!

 Anna, 59

Subtle changes started occurring after the first session. I noticed that I was definitely feeling more chipper health-wise. My daily intestinal distress had calmed down, and I no longer felt sick to my stomach all the time. Mentally, my level of anxiety dropped considerably so that I had more energy to get on with life and enthusiasm for the small every day things. This path towards well-being continued to unfold throughout my fifteen sessions, and I find myself today able to cope with events in a calmer, less angst-ridden manner. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with neurofeedback. The sessions were extremely relaxing and non-threatening. It was also a pleasure to have tangible results in so short a time with seemingly so little effort on my part.

 Michael, 51

Neurofeedback has organically opened and supported increased ease, balance, equilibrium, and harmony in many areas of my life. I am surprised, delighted and grateful. As a long-time meditator I have noticed an increased depth, stability, and integration in my practice. I believe that the neurofeedback is responsible for these changes. I have found this training to be intriguing, growthful, and full of promising possibilities.



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